Olive Bistro first opened in 1997 in Little Five Points. Steve Masri, owner/chef wanted a cozy cafe from which he could serve his favorite family recipes to locals and beyond - who appreciated good food, good prices, wine and warm service. Steve and his family only eat fresh, healthy food. He does not eat at fast food joints or the chains. He prefers local, chef-owned businesses . There is something to be said for the fact that the owner is picking out the produce and shopping for the best in olive oil, lamb, chicken and imported tahini to offer his cutomers, versus the chains that are serving you mass produced goods, shipped in from the parent company. Who knows who is making your food at those big chain places, but everyday, Steve is in the kitchen in Olive Bistro making sure the hummus is just right! We chose the name Olive Bistro because olives are used in so many of our recipes and olive oil is so healthy for you and is the liquid gold of the Mediterranean.

Enjoy some wine with your meal and to truly get the feel of the Mediterranean, try some different appetizers. Others call it meze, tapas, we just say, share some small plates . Come with a group, order hummus, baba, tabbouleh, falafel, tapenade, and share the wine! Or come alone and make a meal for yourself. You have to mix it up the Mediterranean way to get the real taste. Don't be afraid to mix some hummus and tabbouleh on your pita and simply enjoy it with a good merlot, pinot or chardonnay.

Steve serves fresh, authentic Mediterranean food from his family recipes.Olive Bistro is inviting, cozy, lowkey, and offers a wide assortment of Mediterranean food. There are also some standbys for those that just want a healthy wrap sandwich. He gives a twist to lasagna, using his homemade tomato basil sauce rather than the predictable marinara. A fave of the regulars, the gyro and our hummus, so take a look at the menu and know you are getting fresh, delicious food at the best price Steve can offer, using his premium ingredients. You may find a cheaper sandwich but we will not scarifice quality, Steve only uses premium greens. No iceberg in his kitchen!

Other top ingredients are New Zealand lamb kebobs, extra virgin Italian or Greek olive oil. There is no inferior olive oil in your hummus.

Come see us soon. You deserve fresh, good food. Dine in, take-out. Need party trays, catering? Ask us. We will help you plan a menu that fits your budget.

Olive Bistro, a Mediterranean Cafe in Atlanta GA
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